PT. Indo Cipta Estetika is a licensee and exclusive distributor of Cyspera® products in Indonesia.

Cyspera® is an intensive pigment corrector that helps treat hyperpigmentation, melasma, and discoloration of the skin due to sun exposure or other factors. Cyspera® is a cosmetic product that contains 5% cysteamine. Cysteamine is a natural ingredient that is safe to use for long-term skin care. The biological compound cysteamine provides a strong antioxidant effect and can make skin tone brighter. 

Cyspera® is right to be used to treat hyperpigmentation effectively. The effect can be seen immediately after 4 weeks of use.


"Even a stubborn and chronic skin condition, it works!"

This is a work in progress (about 1 month in). Melasma is a stubborn and chronic skin condition. It takes a lot of effort to get it clear and even more to keep it clear. Even with the strongest and strictest regimen it’s likely to come back. It’s good to use a rotational method of different key ingredients to tackle melasma from different angles. 

This patient did a triple blended formula with the active ingredient hydroquinone and we will cycle her on to a non HQ cream called Cyspera. All the while, strict sun protection and NO lasers allowed.


April 6, 2020

"Cyspera is truly life changing."

I tried Cyspera for dark patches and freckles from the sun on my forehead. In 5 dafs there was such a change. I am thrilled with this product. It its not only changing the exterior but the interior as with a greater feeling about myself.

My dermatologist sugested Cyspera for me as I have spent too many years in sun. Cyspera is life changing as the dark pigment and freckles are most completely gone on my forehead. The amazing fact is only have used it for a week! I feel so much more confident and happy. Cyspera is truly life changing.


Suzanne Harvey

"Very practical!"

“15 minutes a day of Cyspera is enough for the treatment. Very practical!”


dr. Lany Januarti
Miracle Clinic, Indonesia

"The results are good!"

“I use Cyspera to treat the lips of a lifelong smoker who began to smoke at the age of 17. The results are good an d there are no complaints.”


dr. Nenden Sobarna
N Clinic, Indonesia

"I can wear less makeup!"

“I have tried many products such as hydroquinone and plant based brightening serums for my Melasma and nothing gave me a better result than CYSPERA! It’s safe to use indefinitely with no pigment rebound. I’m happy to start the new year with brighter and more radiant skin which means I can wear less makeup!” RB- Calkin & Boudreaux patient. (16 weeks of treatment with Cyspera).”


March 29, 2020

"I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made."

Melasma: 16 week Sente Cyspera Update!

I’m terrible about taking before and after pics in general but I’m really glad I did with this product. The first tube was gifted by the brand and Harbenhouse and I have since purchased backups. First pic is a B/W of before Cyspera on top and 16 weeks after starting on the bottom, the 2nd pic is the same pic in color, the last pic is from 2015 after I had already started my skin journey–meaning that pic is already an improvement compared to where I started. It’s been a long journey!

menyembuhkan hiperpigmentasi

Quick background. I never wore sunscreen when I was little because I never burned. As an adult I only wore dedicated sunscreen when going to the beach. After having 2 kids, all that sun damage and hormones resulted in a face smattered with brown sun spots and dense grey/brown melasma across my cheeks and temples. Between 2011-2015, it’s difficult to find pics of my face without makeup or many pics of me at all. I wore 4 layers of makeup to cover up all the discoloration. I made this account when I discovered skincare and this community in 2016 as a way to document my journey and to share what I’ve learned.

In the spring of 2018 I tried 3 laser treatments that cost an arm and a leg as an attempt to get rid of the last of the melasma. It improved my melasma by about 30% but it CAME BACK!! I needed a more cost effective option. When I first started Cyspera I took out vitamin C, retinol, arbutin, tranexamic acid, strong AHAs for nearly 8 weeks in order to see the product in action on its own and to avoid any irritation to my sensitive skin. I also did not do any aesthetic procedures like lasers, needling, peels, IPL. I saw the fastest improvement during those weeks. For a detailed review at the 8 week mark search the hashtag beauty_unpluggedreviewsente. At about 12 weeks, results started to plateau. I’m really happy with the progress I’ve made and will move into the maintenance phase which is twice a week forever with continued religious SPF, sun avoidance, retinol, AHAs, and other brightening ingredients.


Patient - Beauty_Unplugged
March 6, 2020

"The nice thing about Cyspera, you can already see how much Cyspera has worked."

Pigmentation update.

As many of you may know, I was very kindly gifted @cyspera to test.
I get bad melasma around my temples and cheekbones and this summer was no different, it had left me with the usual sun damage that I go into heavy treat mode come autumn.
The nice thing about Cyspera ( for those that are unaware) it can be used all year round and isn’t seasonal.
I started this in early September, using it daily for 8 weeks. I’m aware the instructions say to use it for 16 weeks daily before going to maintenance, however my pigmentation is very slight in the grand scheme of things as well as the fact that I use vitamin c, a pigment suppressor and multiple applications of SPF daily, as well as have in office treatments. It was my assessment that I wasn’t going to achieve much greater results by using it daily anymore and thus went onto a maintenance schedule of twice weekly.
As you can see from the beginning of my journey in the photos, general skin condition is ok/good but I have a coat of sun damage on my face that literally needs to be lifted. .
As you swipe along you’ll get to some pictures that say November. At that point, you can already see how much Cyspera has worked. It has really evened out my skin tone, gotten rid of that ruddy sun damage and healthy skin is starting to appear below.

At that point in my journey, the only in office treatment I had had, was one microneedling treatment. Unfortunately though, I had reacted due to a product which left a cluster of breakouts on my cheek. At that point, I decided to have a chemical peel and after the chemical peel, I reduced my treatment of Cyspera to twice weekly.
I also added in a Niacinamide serum by @alphahskincare. I’ve tried others and for some reason this has had a very positive effect on really evening out my skin tone.


March 5, 2020

"I am so grateful and will recommend it to anyone."

I have tried so many treatments and spent a small fortune until I‘ve discovered Cyspera! Have been using it for 3 weeks and the difference is remarkable!!!! I am so grateful and will recommend it to anyone I know who has problems with dark spots!!!! Life changing!!!!!


February 22, 2020

"Very happy customer."

I bought this product a couple weeks ago, and I’m very happy with the results. I’ve done chemical peels, fraxel laser among other solutions and creams for hyperpigmentation. My skin is glowing, which I haven’t seen in five years. The results are fast, I will continue to use cysteamine for a long time.


Hillary A Miller
January 24, 2020
Scientis verified


Okay, let’s me start with this, I purchased this item on August 15, 2017. I bought it myself, I was not given this item, nor was I given any discount for this review; this is an honest accessment of my experience using Cysteamine Cream. Okay, now the review: THIS STUFF WORKS! I had serious hyperpigmentation on my bottom lip. I am about the complexion of Idris Elba just for a visual reference to those of you reading this. My bottom lip had gotten darker through aging as is common with many African Americans. Who know what causes this….it could be the sun beaming down on us in our long commute on the 405 or the 5 in California haha or bad ingredients in lip balms and chap stick etc….. whatever the case, As an African American male this was extremely embarrassing and noticeable. It made me look like I had drug addict lips and there was nothing that I could do about it for years! 

Until I started researching “pigment correction creams” that I stumbled upon this stuff. I used retin-a to peel my bottom lip to attempt to lighten it, I used everything under the sun and NONE OF THEM WORKED! I used 25-35% TCA peels on my bottom lip to lighten it as well. While that did work it was only temporary, as the skin wound return to its dark color after but a couple of days once my lip fully healed after the peels. Needless to say, that was super disheartening. I was left thinking, “am I going to always have this crazy dark lip issue?! This sucks!!”. NO MORE! Not after using this stuff for the last 19 days!! My lip is pink! I mean PINK!! It looks great! My youthful look is back and it is super noticeable! There is no doubt in my mind that this stuff is the reason!!!

Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here’s how to actually use this stuff to get a result. This stuff isn’t like any other cream for skin lightening that you’ve ever used. Keep that in mind. The results that you see are not indicative of how much of this cream that you use. The results that you see are based on the continued use of the product. Daily use is what will get you on the winning path. Apply to hyperpigmented areas once a day at night, leave on for 15 minutes then wash it off(once your used to it you can apply it and leave it on over night. I do this for my lip and every that I wake up to wash my face etc; I notice a thin layer of skin on my lip sloths off and the lip is noticeably lighter every single time! This stuff is incredible!), apply moisturizing cream and go to sleep. Simple as that. 

Once your skin ton has reached it desired lightness simple retard using the cream daily and shift over to a twice a week regimen to maintain the results. You have to continue using the product indefinitely to maintain the results. Before you say, “what?! I don’t want to have to use this stuff forever!” To this is say, get over it! Your body naturally produces Cysteamine. I believe that I read that it’s actually present in breast milk, google it, you’ll see. Many of you women and men use soaps conditionerers, relaxers, perks, hair gels etc… that are far worse on your body than this stuff would ever be and your body doesn’t produce the stuff that’s in those products(nor does anyone’s lol). I’d say that it is a small price to pay for the results. This stuff is available OVER THE COUNTER for Pennies on the dollar compared to how much other products costs from the dermatologist. Those of you who have gone this route can fully back that claim. The tube is able the size of a medium tub of toothpaste. I have used this stuff daily since I received it on August 15th as I mentioned earlier and I still have what is almost a full tube! It lasts a VERY LONG TIME! Oh, wait another thing, the literature that comes with the cream expresses a warning that the cream can cause “hypopigmentation”(complete removal of color from the skin) I use it on a few spots on my face as well I leave it on over night and have not seen this as a problem for me. You may be different so use at your own discretion. 

I read in the literature that this stuff doesn’t attack regular melanocytes, only the hyperpigmented spots. I have no idea how but it is true! Dark spots have disappeared while my regular skin tone has remained in tact. BUY THIS, USE IT CONSISTENTLY, SEE RESULTS. It’s really that simple. Do your research, don’t listen to “nay sayers”. Those people either can not read, haven’t actually used this stuff or are too dumb to follow simple directions. My lip went from being at least 3 shades darker than my overall skin tone to pink in 19 days! NINETEEN DAYS!!! This stuff is no joke. It will help your skin no doubt! I am fully convinced that this stuff has to be what Charlemagne The God from The Breaksfast Club used to clear up his hyperpigmentation. He hasn’t publicly said it but this stuff his powerful! I love it. I am going to buy a friggin case of if it before you guys buy it all after reading this review! Shout out to Scientis for stabilizing Cysteamine and making a cream out of it, thank you so much! Ps. for those that think I’m joking, look at my pics. No photoshop, this stuff is legit!!!


December 19, 2019
Amazon verified

"Worked on the first day of use."

My situation might be different from most, but this cream literally saved my face ! For me, the results were immediate. I have vitiligo and after spending a lot of time & money on prescription after prescription, laser treatments and snake oils.. I decided to bleach my skin. The bleaching resulted in pure white freaky looking skin but it was easily disguised with a spray tan. I started using a new sunblock that made me break out so I stopped using sunscreen. Within a week the left side of my face was polka dotted with brown & white spots!! I realized it was from driving in my car with the window down. Ugh. I looked really, really weird and I had a job interview in 5 days. 

I quickly ordered this cream, overnight. Within the 5 days, my skin was 80% normal. ( I got the job) and no rash or side effects at all. I will order again and again . Again, my situation may be different , but for me it was a God send.


December 18, 2019
Amazon verified


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